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New Leadership for the SuperYacht Racing Association

5 March, 2024
Shirley Robertson.The Super Yacht Racing Association (SYRA) is very pleased to announce Shirley Robertson as the new Manager of the association. With a wealth of experience and success in the sport and a notable presence in superyacht racing, Robertson brings a valuable perspective and new energy to the SYRA.

Shirley Robertson OBE made history by becoming the first British woman to win Olympic Gold Medals at consecutive Olympic Games and has become one of the most recognisable faces in the sport of sailing.

“We are delighted to have Shirley assume the role of Manager of the SYRA, taking the lead of an organization that is essential to superyacht racing,” said SYRA Chairperson Kate Branagh. “The last decade saw many crucial areas addressed to enhance safe sailing and fair racing in this unique segment of sailboat racing. The SYRA’s priorities have shifted in recent years to fleet building, achieving more broad-based participation and expanding membership in the association, areas that Shirley will excel in.”

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2024 – Looking at a Happy New Year

Robust racing fleets are the goal!

Regatta organizers and the SYRA are planning and preparing for great superyacht racing in 2024. We plan for a continued emphasis on fleet building in 2024 with the goal of getting back to pre-pandemic levels.

The ORC, with input from the SYRA, is putting the finishing touches on the 2024 ORCsy VPP. Continuous improvement to the superyacht handicap rule has always been the objective, with fair racing ultimately playing a most impactful role in keeping superyacht owners in the game. The specific areas that ORC addressed this year are found in the Fair Racing/ Handicapping section of the website.

There are five annual SYRA Sanctioned Superyacht Regattas on tap for 2024. The rumored America’s Cup superyacht event in Barcelona is expected to become a reality. We will provide details when and if the regatta is officially announced.

The 2024 SYRA Annual General Meeting will again take place in St Barths on the Wednesday evening just prior to the Bucket (20 March). For those participating in the Bucket, please plan to attend. The link to the 2023 AGM Minutes, Agenda and Exhibits is here: Member Meetings.

Breaking news for members is that there will be a new SYRA manager by the time we get to the AGM!  Jeanne Kleene and I have been active with the association since 2011, working closely with SYRA founders Ed Dubois and Barry Houghton in the early years, and a dedicated group of individuals since. I am confident that the association is ready to embark on an exciting new chapter under new leadership. This presents a great opportunity to unite our efforts, celebrate past achievements, and work towards an ever brighter future for superyacht racing. Look for the announcement about your new manager in the coming weeks.

We are all very much looking forward to a successful 2024 superyacht racing season. Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or questions. We welcome your ideas on improving the entire superyacht racing experience and especially that for the yacht owners.

All the best,
Peter Craig
Executive Director
SuperYacht Racing Association
+1 781-639-9501
Skype: petercraig.pri

2024 SuperYacht Racing Association Annual General Meeting

Date: Wednesday, 20 March, 2024

Time: 1700 – 1815

Location: Gustavia St Barthélémy

As in previous years, the AGM will take place on the Wednesday evening prior to racing. The meeting is open to all SYRA members and prospective members. There will be an opportunity for attendees to catch up over a glass of wine or beer immediately following the meeting. Details, including the AGM agenda and exhibits, are here.

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