Faces in the News

Robbie Doyle

Robbie DoyleRobbie Doyle’s recent induction into the U.S. National Sailing Hall of Fame was a well-deserved honor. Highly respected throughout the yacht racing world, Doyle has made significant contributions to superyacht racing. In recent years he’s served in the afterguard on many competitive programs such as Axia, M5, Black Pearl and Perseus^3.

A lifetime of sailing achievements includes three-time college All American, Olympic Team alternate and America’s Cup winner on Courageous in 1977. The applied physics major from Harvard University founded Doyle Sails in 1982. His company has been a leader in the sail making industry for nearly three decades, servicing a full range of clients. Doyle Sails now boasts over 50 lofts around the world.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has been central to Doyle’s superyacht sail design and development. “CFD is more accurate than towing tanks and wind tunnels,” he explained. “With this evolution, we can learn quickly what makes a boat sail faster. CFD has been a big help with our one-design sails as well.”

Robbie is an active member of the SYRA, serving on the Executive Committee since SYRA’s founding in 2011.

Barnaby Henshaw-Depledge

Barnaby Henshaw-DepledgePlenty to smile about!

If you’ve competed in a recent superyacht regatta, chances are you’ve run across Barnaby (Barney) Henshaw-Depledge. The popular boat captain of the J Class Yacht Velsheda, shown here accepting the Supermaxi Class trophy from last month’s Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, has been busy. In 2018 Velsheda competed in the St Barths Bucket, Superyacht Cup Palma and the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup.

2020 looks full on for Barney and the Velsheda team as well with J Class fleet racing on tap in Antigua and St Barths followed by a delivery to New Zealand.

Photograph by Carlo Borlenghi