Fleet Building

Photo by Tim Wright / photoaction.com
Photo © Tim Wright / photoaction.com

Superyacht Racing Fleet Building

Friday, 17 March, 2023  1700-1800 / Capitainerie – 2nd Floor

This 2023 SYRA initiative began with a zoom call in early February that included superyacht builders and designers. This was followed with a Regatta Organizer call. The continuing discussion will include exploring reasons why participation is down following the two Covid years and considering ways to attract new yacht owners and captains to superyacht racing events. There will be a moderator leading the discussion and panel. All are welcome.

Addressing Cruising to Racing Mode Conversion

Date and Time TBD / Capitainerie – 2nd Floor

Specific to the challenge of ‘Fleet Building’, one barrier that has been identified is the resources required to transition a yacht from cruising to racing mode and then back to cruising following the regatta. This endeavor varies from yacht to yacht, however, it often times represents a meaningful commitment of resources from the captain and permanent crew. How can this be changed or made less impactful? Organizers, ORC, captains and program managers will be on hand to seek solutions.

Superyacht Regatta Participation: 10 Year Overview (2010 – 2019)

Regatta Participation Trends 2010-2019 (pdf)

Corinthian Spirit Class

Corinthian Spirit Class Overview PDF
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90′ Class Initiative

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